Sweet Home Theatre Setups-Ryan Seacrest

Man, you won’t believe who’s sweet home theatre setup I found pics of online–Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol, has a spectacular setup that you’re not going to believe.

This sucker’s frankly beautiful, with an entire array of assorted whatnot to spark the place up.  It’s got an actual fireplace, along with overstuffed furniture (is that microsuede?  I got a second opinion that says it sure looks like it!) an attached ensuite bathroom, and no less than FOUR different controllers located at various points around the house.

For some reason, he’s gone super-retro with it, running his whole scheme with a 35mm film projector.  Also, there are four in-wall speakers and TWO subwoofers, also ensconced in the walls. It’s definitely plush, but it’s just as definitely not how I’d go with it.  One, his fireplace, sweet as it is, is located RIGHT NEXT to his projection screen. I can’t imagine the ambient heat from that would be good for a screen.  Also, the 35mm film projector IS a nice touch, but it sort of limits his options in terms of what he can see.  I’d want, at least for a backup, a DVD / Blu-ray system on its own projector just so I could watch stuff that isn’t in 35mm.  There’s a whole slew of excellent direct to video stuff he’s missing out on because his system is so limited.

But there’s no denying that it’s PLUSH, and a sweet home theatre setup no matter how you look at it.