Sweet Home Theatre Setups-Garage Hobbies

Now here’s one of those good news / bad news sort of home theatre setups.  A guy over on Garage Hobbies set up these shots of his home theatre system, where he really went great guns to hide everything in the walls, but he forgot one important detail about the room placement.

He’s got a subwoofer in there, set off to the back, a surround speaker array and what looks like a 56″ LCD tv, which is pretty much the basics for a home theatre setup.

Now, he’s got a lot of shelf space in there, which means he’ll always have a movie close to hand.  That’s definitely the good news, but he’s got at least two big problems I can spot.  One, he’s built it in a room with a window, which means he’s going to have some serious problems with his light levels.  Two, he’s got that really nice big flat panel TV hanging on a chimney right above what looks like an active fireplace.  That’s definitely not going to be good for that TV, I doubt, between the heat of the fire if he uses it and the cold of the brick itself if he lives in anything like a wintry climate.

But still–for what it’s worth, the guy over at Garage Hobbies definitely has a sweet home theatre setup.