Sweet Home Theatre Setup-Opus AVC, Inc.

You know, when home theatres go corporate, they really go big.

Opus AVC, Inc, is building a massive home theatre, ostensibly for a client, and man, did they ever build this sucker out.

They didn’t put it in a basement, for example–they dug it its own PIT.  And they didn’t just dig, either–the ground in question was almost pure granite and had to be blasted out.  Once there was a hole cut in the mostly granite soil, they then added concrete and cinderblocks to create a soundproofed environment that looks almost exactly like a fallout shelter.  They covered over the concrete with fabric panels and added a whole host of equipment and options, like a pre-boot system that starts warming the equipment up when someone reaches the front door of the theatre / bunker, and a one-switch shutdown mode that deactivates the equipment when the owner’s done for the day.

Color me ALL sorts of amazed, folks.  This is a positively monstrous system that’s bigger that some people’s entire houses at two thousand square feet.  WIth three rows of seating and a host of gadgets, this sucker definitely qualifies as a sweet home theater setup.