Sweet Home Theater Setups – The Home Theater PC Setup

Using your PC as part of your home theater is a poorly understood and often sorely underestimated  part of your home theater experience.  In fact, the PC can replace a lot of different facets of your home theater, as Jason Klinke discovered.

A former PC engineer, he used his PC not only to play movies via its attached BD-ROM drive (from LG, no less!) but also to store other movies on the network as well as play a custom pre-show presentation with movie trivia and assorted random bits.

What else does he have involved in here, you ask?  Let’s take a look!

He’s got TWO Sony four hundred disc changers, for a start.  When you couple those on to his home theater PC’s hard drive space, you’ve got room for, roughly, a maximum of nine hundred titles.  Nine hundred titles.  That’s no small library, folks.  Plus, you’ve got to consider he’s watching them with a Sanyo projector on a one hundred twenty eight inch Carada screen, with a Denon receiver and Definitive Technologies speakers backing his play.

All this added in together makes for one pretty sweet setup, especially when you consider what all the home theater PC kicks in.