Sweet Home Theater Setups-Smaller Than You Think

You see that picture?  That picture to the right?  Yeah.

You probably recognize it right off as one of our sweet home theater setups.  Of course you do–you’ve been here.  You know how we roll.  Anyway, what would you say if I told you that that sweet home theater setup is in a room that measures fourteen by sixteen feet?

That couch you see measures exactly fourteen feet in length, and it occupies an entire wall along the back edge of the room.  It was custom made for that room.  It’s also a place where the bass from the speakers tends to collect, so special measures like six bass traps were included to help diffuse the sound.

And it’s not just the furniture that makes this ultra-small home theater as awesome as it is.  There’s also loads of choice components in here too, like an eight foot wide filmscreen from Stewart, Triad speakers, a Panasonic Blu-ray player, and plenty more.

When you consider what an achievement that home theater represents, it’s hard to call it anything but sweet.