Sweet Home Theater Setups – Bitten By the Home Theater Bug

Sometimes home theater publications like this exact one can create a monster.  We show you all the incredible things you can do with the various spaces in and around your house and how you can take all of these spaces and, with a lot of time, patience, effort and money turn them into grand showpieces in which to sit around all day and watch movies.

And for Jerrod Shook, that’s exactly what happened.  He got into the home theater mags and suchlike and eventually just started churning out the ideas.  What happened became his home theater.

What’s in there, you ask?  It’s an eighteen hundred square foot theater with an Oppo DVD player, Ascend Acoustics speakers and subwoofer, a Panasonic projector, a hundred and twenty inch screen from Carada, and more.

So be careful, folks–you start reading us long enough, eventually you’re going to get to wonder what movies look like on a ten foot wide screen and the next thing you’ll know, you’ll want to try building your own sweet home theater setup at home.  Let’s just hope it’s as sweet as Jerrod’s.