Sweet Home Theater Setups – Another Great Modular Setup

You’ve got to hand to Ashok Kimar.  The guy’s a software programmer who’s been enamored with movies most of his life.  And he’s always been fond of the big screen, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to indulge that fondness until recently, when he bought a new house that had an extra room in it that made for a great home theater setup.

So he set out to get what amounts to a few basics in, with a plan to expand later.  To that end, you can see what he’s done–there aren’t any structures for most of his material.  A lot of it is simply sitting out in the open, waiting to be replaced with one part or another. He expresses his overall strategy like this:

“My goal for this home theater was to build my equipment slowly, get small components one by one, and to get the absolute best equipment in the midrange,” says Ashok. “In my opinion, after a certain price point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in, where you get only small improvements in quality for larger increments of money. That was the guiding principle behind all my purchases, from the receiver all the way down to the speaker cable.”

And replace he has.  Check out what he’s put in!  He’s got an Onkyo receiver and speakers, an Optoma projector, an Oppo DVD player and even a couple game systems in there.

It’s a pretty sweet home theater setup, if for no other reason than, in ten years, it’ll probably still be this sweet because he can easily adapt to changing trends.