Sweet Home Theater Setup – The Fabric Theater

It started out with a forty thousand dollar outbuilding and a dream.  But for one young family man, it eventually became the sweet home theater setup he’d always wanted it to be.

Rather than GOM fabric or acoustic dampening walls, Greg Powers’ home theater setup uses over seventy individually crafted fabric wall panels.  It’s one of the first home theaters to use this process, and you can see them hanging on the walls of his home theater, pictured at right.  This is actually an incredibly difficult process, as each frame must be precisely engineered so that they fit together in sequence, like massive tiles of fabric that hang on a wall.

But it’s not just this thoroughly unusual approach to home theater building that makes this a sweet home theater setup–there’s plenty of choice hardware in here too. There’s an LG Super Blue DVD player, Polk Audio speakers, NEC projector and one hundred ten inch Stewart filmscreen.

Between the innovation of its construction and the quality of the gear, this is definitely a sweet home theater setup in every particular.