Sweet Home Theater Setup – The 1972 Speaker Theater

The phrase “they don’t make ‘em like that any more” applies to a whole lot of items that we’re nostalgic for.  For me, it applies to old-school RPG gaming, a lot of horror movies, and Jolly Ranchers in the bar form.  Yeah, they weren’t always little chunks–sometimes they came in these long thin bars that you could either treat like lollipops or bite off, gumming your teeth up so hard they could scarcely move.

But for one home theater buff, the phrase best applies to his JBL home theater speakers, which were made back in 1972 and were part of his stereo system for years.  He keeps them as part of the system essentially because they work as well as they do.

And it’s not just retro tech driving this system either–he’s also got a Sony receiver, Advent surround and center channel speakers to back up his JBLs, a Panasonic projector, and more.  There’s even a little more retro tech in the form of a Samsung VCR.

A little of the old and plenty of the new helps make one sweet home theater setup.