Super Marios 25th Anniversary Celebration Continues With Release Of A Red Nintendo Wii

Well, Nintendo clearly isn’t done with their celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. game. Now, they’ve decided to continue celebrating twenty-five years of Mario by releasing a special red-colored edition of the Wii. Unfortunately, like the previously launched DSi and DSi XL special edition consoles, this “red” Nintendo Wii is set for release only in Japan. Once again, we westerners are made to envy the Japanese.

Anyway, the red Wii special edition includes a Wii Remote Plus controller with MotionPlus and a preinstalled copy of Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition. Interestingly enough, bricks labeled with the number “25″ are actually featured in this special edition copy of the legendary game. Definitely a must-have for any true, die-hard fan of the Mario series. Thus, the red Wii special edition bundle is due to launch in the land of the rising sun on November 11 for ?20,000 ($241). So, if you’re not a Japanese resident but really want this one, then place those special orders right now. You’ve got a whole month to order it in advance before the official launch.