SoundSense Unveils the Moveable Magic Room

Soundsense 1-9-08

SoundSense has unveiled its fantastic portable Magic Room that will prove a better solution for your needs regarding liberty-faced up to business, as well as home in a good and effective manner. It is a tradition intended auditory corral associated with excellent benefits.

The magic room will be a better choice for homes, as well as offices. Now the homeowners and the renters can enjoy a lot more true and high-quality music through the moveable magic room.

SoundSense offers three unique models of the magic room , which comprise of Basic, Recommended and Isolation versions. The basic magic room can decrease noise by 10-1DB, the recommended provides a reduction of 20 -30DB, while the isolation magic room comes with a sound diffusion Class (STC) rating of 70 or larger.

Dr. Bonnie Schnitta, President of SoundSense, LLC says, "First, we recognized a market for an acoustically correct room that would be moveable and scalable. Since we specialize in design-build acoustical engineering, we built it."

Customers can get the magic rooms, as per their needs and individual tastes. Moreover, users have full freedom to choose the size, outside finish, internal textile, electrical rudiments, door drawing and even the degree of acoustical partition. The magic room is indeed a just right hearing place for showcasing hi- reliability tools.

Via: Press