Sony VAIO WA1 Wireless Digital Music Streamer

Love them or hate them but you cannot ignore Sony and their penchant for great designs! Check out the new Sony Vaio WA1 Wireless Music Streamer which may be over-priced but hey that’s Sony for you!

The device transmits music wirelessly via a Wi-Fi connection and plays it back on its in-built speakers! Nothing new here but the WA1 does include speakers which makes it an all in one solution according to Sony!  A USB wireless network interface is included and its  compatible with the ATRAC music format and with some of the most popular third-party formats such as MP3, WMA and unprotected AAC.

The  Sony Vaio WA1 has 128MB of RAM and battery can last up to 4 hours.  It includes two eight-watt stereo speakers and has a remote control and touch-screen sensor, as well as a non-contact sensor that lights the display. Other features include; an analog audio out port and an S/PDIF digital out port so, built-in headphone jack and a built-in music alarm clock.The Sony VAIO WA1 Wireless Digital Music Streamer will be available in white (and black online) for about $350.

“The VAIO WA1 streamer will change the way you listen to digital music by allowing you to stream music from your PC and listen to it where you want- be it the bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house, said Mike Abary, vice president of VAIO product marketing for Sony Electronics.”