Sony VAIO LV-Series PC

Sony has come up with its newest VAIO LV-series PC, which is the revolutionary development from VAIO L-series. It boasts of its pioneering features and stylish design. It is an All-In One entertainment-oriented PC. It delivers highly advanced HD pursuit experience for the users.

The latest and high-end LV-series supports an attractive large screen incorporated with 24-inch diagonal and 1920 x 1200. It delivers a higher HD entertainment experience along with multiple lamp technology. Users can set it vertically to view better images with the help of its integrated “Zero Degree” stand.

The LV-series comes with the read/write capability, which enables users to save their images, as well as HD videos in a set of up to 50GB per disc. It supports a Blu-ray disc drive and HDMI input. With the help of HDMI inputs, you can easily connect it to an HD set-top box or Playstation3.

The VAIO LV-series supports a secondary hard disc, which can contain a removable drive. When the drive is full, users can simply insert a new unit for fast and extremely suitable archival. Moreover, the VAIO LV series PC also comes with digital/analogue TV tuner to provide full entertainment.

Via: Sony