Sony to Allow BRAVIA Owners to See Hancock Before Release


If you just so happen to be the lucky of one of Sony’s BRAVIA HDTV’s, and said HDTV just so happen to have BRAVIA Internet Video Link capabilites then you are in luck, my friend.

Sony has recently announced that they will allow people who meet the above metioned requirements to rent Hancock, $9.99, and stream it to their TV, allowing for a full 24 hour viewing period. Here is the catch however, you’ll be able to see Hancock in the privacy of your own home before the movies November 25th street date.

And that’s not all! Sony also announced that those who rent the movie when it’s made avaiable will recieve a free Blu-ray copy of the movie which has an estimated value of $39.95. Sounds like a damn good deal to me!