Sony NEX-FS7000 large-sensor cinema camera

The Sony NEX-FS7000 is a brand new cinema camera from the Japanese camera maker. The new Sony NEX-FS7000 supports 4K resolution on its large-format sensor. The Super 35 sized sensor supports various formats and frame rates, topping out at 4K resolution and 35 FPS. The camera offers a variety of cine and regular settings. In all, there are over 90 settings for various formats, depending on what the user is shooting.

The Sony NEX-FS7000 will be available this Summer for around $10,000 according to Sony. Other features include “Super Slow Motion” of up to 120 frames a second in a 16-second burst, or 240 fps in an 8-second burst. This new slow mo feature works at all resolutions, which is quite a feat. Sony NEX-FS7000 offers interchangeable lenses with the E-mount, and even has built in ND filters. Still image photography is also available at 11 Mega Pixels.