Sony ICF-C717PJ Multi-Feature Projector

The new Sony ICF-C717PJ is without a doubt much more than just a clock radio! Packed with exclusive features, the device will let you doze off and wake up in greater comfort. Sleekly styled with an elegant brushed aluminum finish makes the ICF?C717PJ an elegant addition to any room.

The Sony ICF-C717PJ is a multi-feature clock radio that comes equipped with soothing nature sounds, built-in projector, room thermometer, battery backup, 4-way brightness controls, soothing blue backlight and an easy-to-read LCD. Just twist the lens module to any angle to get started with the projector and beam a full-sized time display onto any wall or ceiling. With the FM/AM digital tuner, you can listen to your favorite radio show, while the audio jack will let you plug your iPod or any personal music player.

The multi-feature ICF-C717PJ projector alarm clock radio from Sony will be available in April 2010.