Sony DAVHDX287WC Home Theater Review-Another Hit From Sony

If you liked my earlier coverage of the Sony BDV-710, then you’re going to be especially excited to hear about the Sony DAVHDX287WC, which is much the same system, only a bit less.

The Sony DAVHDX287WC is a 5.1 channel home theater system with six speakers (including a subwoofer), an S-air wireless attachment, a five disc DVD / CD changer with upconvert DVD player, iPod dock, a thousand watts total power output, and digital cinema auto calibration systems that allow you to correctly place the speakers in the room within a matter of minutes for maximum quality.

The sound coming out of this thing is terrific, a five-disc DVD allows for incredible utility (think about putting a complete season of a television show into this thing, technically possible with the right show, and letting it run nonstop), and the fact that it upconverts is really just the icing on an already fantastic cake.

And when you consider that you can pick on of these up at Walmart’s web site right now for three hundred and thirty bucks, it’s not exactly out of line to say that this might actually be better than the BDV-710.  No Blu-ray player, sure, but plenty of all in one utility for your current DVD stockpile.