Sony CMT-BX50BT Micro System

If you are in search of a sophisticated sound system you can opt for the Sony CMT-BX50BT Micro System which has recently been launched in Korea. With portability and ease of use this micro system provides you wider range of connectivity. It can be easily connected to any digital audio player or to a Bluetooth enabled device such as a PC, MP3 Walkman or mobile phone.

Key features of the Sony CMT-BX50BT Micro System are:

  • CD-R/RW Playback
  • CD/Bluetooth/Tuner
  • Bass/Treble Control
  • Bass Boost Function – DSGX
  • AM/FM Tuner with 30 Presets
  • A2DP Bluetooth® profile compatible
  • 25W x 2 RMS Total Power

Fix the Sony CMT-BX50BT Micro System anywhere in your home with its stylish new design and just go on listening to your favorite CDs or the radio.

Via: Press