Solus SC-Richter-08 Subwoofer

Solus recently unveiled its small and powerful SC-Richter-08 subwoofer ideal for musical and home theaters. Get used to enrich enjoyment now and land into a new world. The extended frequency response is one added advantage.

The front vented 10.875” wide and 12” deep subwoofer delivers deep bass sound. The subwoofers offer a sensitivity of 90dB/1m/w, Long-Throw Surround and 1.5” voice coil makes it one versatile device to fall for. It also features Long-Throw Woofer, Internal Triple Bracing and Hi-Damped Amplifier for Tighter Bass Control.

Place it anywhere on your shelf, thanks to its compact size. The subwoofer in Italian Black Oak Vinyl/Black finish is available with a 10 year limited warranty, though the price has not been disclosed.