Sitecom WL-355 Wireless Media Streaming Hub

sitecom wl-355 Now get rid of ugly and tangling wires easily with the latest Sitecom WL-355! It is a wireless media streaming hub that allows steaming of movies, photos and music directly on the TV.

This latest addition to the company’s Smart Living line uses a 5GHz band that helps stream even 1080p video smoothly. The hub uses a dual-band USB adapter that gets plugged in your home network straight to the device to stream content. An additional USB port is also available to plug a drive straight in and play your content, offering maximum comfort and the best possible High Definition quality.

In addition to WL-355, Sitecom has also introduced the WL-329 SL Wireless Media Adapter 300N. Accompanied by Sitecom’s 10 year warranty, both the models are now available.