SimpleTech [re]drive


We better know in the gizmo big leagues companies are hard-pressed for producing environment-friendly products.  By will or under pressure, Fabrik Co. has recently launched the World’s most eco-friendly external drive. The Fabrik Simple Tech drive is a reliable, quick and energy-saving choice for amassing all your digital files. The tech drive with turbo USB 2.0 is 25 per cent faster then the normal USB 2.0 usable option. This greener alternative comes with automatic back up software that preserves copies of your files on the drive and on secure servers by using Fabrik’s special software.

“Many consumers are concerned with helping solve the most important environmental issue of our time – protecting our planet from the threats of climate change,” said Matt McRae, vice president of marketing at Fabrik. “At Fabrik, we’re making an effort to support the environment, while adapting our products to better meet consumer needs and interests. We know we have a lot more work to do across the board as a company, but we’re committed to change and hope we’ll make a small dent in improving the environment – through our products, services, partner choices and company best practices.”

Besides boasting of credible capacity for saving data on PC or Mac, it also comes installed with virus protection along with free updates for PC users. The Simple Tech drive also presents the option of selecting file or folder for protection. Online back up data protection saves your drive from any kind of disaster and keeps your material sound and safe. The recovery CD as created by the backup software helps you to boot system at the time of system failure, thus saving your oodles of time. The Simple Tech drives come with 2GB capacity providing you free online backup space.

Via: Fabrik