SIM2 Grand Cinema C3X 1080 3-Chip DLP – based Projector


SIM2 has launched its newest innovation to the public market. The Grand Cinema C3x 1080. This projector integrates benchmark-quality 1080p video display with the functions and features required to power today’s sophisticated home theaters, all within the dramatic industrial design for which SIM2 is justly famous.

This next-generation home theater projector is totally unique to SIM2 – no other manufacturer has the ability to produce a high performance 3-chip projector with such compact dimensions.

The Grand Cinema C3X 1080 is without doubt a true thoroughbred, offering unprecedented picture quality for the discerning home theater customer.

The Grand Cinema C3X 1080 achieves this extraordinary picture quality through the partnership of the latest 0,95″ 1080p DarkChip4 DLP chipset from Texas Instruments and the precision optics of SIM2’s ALPHAPATH light engine. No other technology can match the superb color depth, excellent contrast ratio and exceptional brightness that C3X 1080 delivers.

The C3X 1080 utilizes true 10-bit video processing (with high-definition scaling and de-interlacing capabilities) to create clean, artifact-free video images. 10-bits-per-channel processing produces 1024 shades of gray (or shades of a single color) : the result is the ability to render over 1 billion colors on-screen, whilst also making the projector compatible with Full HD 1080p content.

To aid calibration of the projector, SIM2 introduces a new advanced color management calibration software that enables complete control over the primary, secondary and white point color coordinates. On the connectivity front, the C3X 1080 has a extensive choice of both analogue and digital video inputs, including two HDCP enabled HDMI sockets – ensuring full compatibility with 1080p HDTV and the vast array of today’s video sources.

C3X 1080 Features:
– 3-chip DarkChip4 Full HD (1080p) DLP®-based home theatre projector
– 1920 x 1080 pixel HDTV resolution
– Proprietary SIM2 Alphapath™ light engine
– New advanced color management calibration software
– Contrast ratio >10000:1
– 10-bit video processing ([email protected] compatible)
– Choice of three lenses
– 2 HDMI™ HDCP inputs
– Compact cabinet size available in four different color finishes