Sharps glasses-free 3D touchscreen

With all the 3D hype that has been going on, the next logical step is 3D without glasses. Sharp has a parallax barrier-based 3D display that is designed for mobile devices.

The company showed this tech off at a recent press conference in Tokyo. This glasses-free 3D display is able to switch between 2-D and 3-D modes, but why would you want 2-D if you could get 3D displays, right? It has a screen size of 3.4 inches, 480 x 854 resolution, contrast ratio of 1,000:1, as well as 500 cd/m2 of brightness.

Here’s a video of it after the jump if you want to see how it works. I’ve heard that this tech might be used for the Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the DS that promises glasses-free 3D.