Sharp BD-AV1-R Recorder

sharp-bd-av1-r-recorder.gifOne of the most eminent names in the electronic market, Sharp Corporation, is likely to introduce its Sharp BD-AV1-R Recorder in Japan by October 27, 2007. This new Blu-Ray disc recorder will result in simpler operation than a traditional VCR through its HDTV recording. It can play several discs such as DVD+RW/+R (video format finalized), CD-RW/-R (audio CD format), standard audio CDs, and DVD video, BD-R Version. 1.1 (single layer/dual layer) etc.

BD-AV1-R Recorder comes with a simple Fami-link remote, is red in color, with a single layer BD-RE Version 2.1 record able disc. It can make a HDTV Terrestrial and BS digital broadcast of 3 hours and 2.1 hours at approximately 17 Mbps and 24 Mbps, respectively. Its disc meter will enable the users to ascertain the amount of free space left on the BD-RE disc; it comes with Sharp’s consistent high-image quality.

Via: Sharp