Sentry 250GB Fire-Safe/ Waterproof Hard Drive

After successful launch of Sentry 160 GB fire-safe-waterproof Hard Drive, Sentry has announced its latest and next generation 250GB Fire-safe/Waterproof Hard Drive, which protects your important data from fire and water calamities and even computer damage. The device supports Maxtor (R) Storage Solutions to improve the pioneering hard drive to get-back the critical data.

“SentrySafe is always looking to introduce new products to meet the needs of consumers. With the new 250GB fire-resistant and waterproof hard drive, SentrySafe is putting the ‘hard’ in hard drive,” said Sondra McFarlane, director of customer development for SentrySafe.

The fire-safe and waterproof hard drive model QA0005 comes integrated with the awarded Maxtor One Touch (R) 4 MINI™ hard drive that is the first mobile storage clarification including software protection tools, such as data encryption and Maxtor’s Safety Drill software. It bears an uncovered metal refurbish. Thus, now the customers can remain tension free about the protection of their data with the help of SentrySafe Fire-Safe/Waterproof Hard Drive.

In the present scenario, most of the people want to back op their digital files, photos and data saved on their computers. Now there are ample opportunities for the customers to easily back up their data and files including the SentrySafe Data & Document Security product line.

Now the customers can avail of the wonderful SentrySafe Fire-safe/waterproof Hard Drive with the affordable cost of $399.99 to protect their data, photos and files from any kind of water and fire damage.

Via: Press