Sanyo is looking for 40% market share in the projector industry

Sometime last year we let you know that Sanyo and Panasonic had effectively merged, well, Panasonic had bought out a lot of Sanyo’s various businesses so they technically didn’t merge, but that’s besides the point. Sanyo and Panasonic maintain a close relationship when it comes to many business ventures one of them being the projector industry.

Well, it looks like they are looking to get a lot more serious regarding the projector indsustry as VP of Sanyo, Bill Crichton, has said the following:

“During the past ten year we have quietly built market share selling budget priced TV’s and Compact cameras. We have an excellent projector business and we are now aiming to take 40% share globally. This will come from both the Pro AV, as well as the consumer market”.

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via aboutprojectors