Sanyo Announces PLC-HF15000L Projector

Sanyo, a leading projector manufacturer, has come forth today to announce the PLC-HF15000L projector set for market in the Middle East. This projector features a 2048 x 1080 2k HD resolution, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and 15,000 ANSI lumens. With the brightness so high it’s not surprising that the PLC-HD15000L actually utilizes a four lamp system and has different modes for one, two or four lamps.

Additionally, we’ve also HDMI, VGA, S-Video, 5BNC and two expansion slots for additional connectivity. To top it all off, Sanyo even gave the projector networking capabilities for control and monitoring from a far.

Unfortunately, there is no word of a release date or price point for the PLC-HF15000L projector but

via aboutprojectors