Samsung Unleases New Line of Projectors

Samsung Electronics America has announced the release of its family of data projectors for visual aid requirements. The P Series (Portable), L Series (LCD), D Series (Data), and A Series (A/V) are a combination of technical innovations that enhances the brightness, color, and accuracy of the projected picture while providing the functionality needed for academic, corporate, professional or home use. The entire line of projectors strives to have the best Front of Screen performance in alignment with our TV, Pro Display and Monitor products.

The Samsung family of Data Projectors is ideal for those searching for high performance in color and brightness with low operating noise. For impromptu presentations or mobile applications, the compact design of the P Series (P400) makes the ultraportable projector lightweight, less than 2 pounds, with best-in-class brightness, 150 ANSI lumens, from an LED light source, and standardized audio/video connections.

For educational use or corporate environments, such as classrooms and conference rooms, the Samsung L Series (L220 & L300) are complete stand alone multimedia projectors capable of providing sharp color-rich images and sound from any AV or PC source, including HDMI (L300 only).

While the L Series’ 3 Chip technology enhances picture quality through realistic color reproduction, its built-in speakers offers stereo sound output to run media-rich video applications without additional audio support.

For larger venues, such as auditoriums and lecture halls, the D series (D300 & D400) uses DLP technology to offer higher brightness in dark or lighted conditions and versatile connectivity, including HDMI.

For the home theater enthusiast or professional who demands the highest quality picture, the A Series (A400, A800 & A900) offers a full movie experience. The A Series creates a vibrant picture with wide-screen resolution, an expanded color palette, and increased color brightness by 50%.

The A800 and A900, known as the “Joe Kane Signature Series”, utilizes the Digital Light Processing (DLP) optical engine to offer 1080p Full HD resolution enabling viewers to watch movies as the director intended. Joe Kane is a veteran of the home theater industry and recognized as one of this country’s leading HD experts.

(Source) Press