Samsung UN55C5000QF LED Television Review-Beautiful Picture, Lesser Sound

I’m getting to really like Samsung LED televisions.  They’re huge, and generally beautiful, with virtually no drawbacks other than a monster price tag, and even then, you can live with it.  Even their weird touch-panel control scheme is starting to grow on me.  And today, I look at the Samsung UN55C5000QF.

The Samsung UN55C5000QF is a fifty five inch 1080p LED television that offers an ultraclear panel design to reduce glare, wide color enhancer systems for better image quality, DNSe sound with both Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, one component video input, one PC input, four HDMI inputs, one optical audio output, one Ethernet port, Internet connectivity for access to a huge variety of content, and two USB ports.

While I was a little nonplussed with the sound quality on this one, I was plenty encouraged by the picture quality.  I thought this one was absolutely beautiful, especially in an environment where one television often looks just like another.  And even the price tag on this one, weighing in at a hefty nineteen hundred bucks, was at least fair for a television like this.  Sure, it’s short shrift once again for older components, but that’s not even out of line given the falling prices of newer HDMI-equipped components.

The Samsung UN55C5000QF is a really nice television, and if you can augment that sound, you’ll be doing very nicely here.