Samsung Releases 2010 Blu-Ray Player Models

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its new crop of ground-breaking 2010 Blu-ray players with prices starting at $179.99. Among the standard features of the new Samsung Blu-ray players include built-in 3D playback. Also, each Blu-ray player will come with unique features like slim designs (BD-C7500), faster disc load or boot (BD-C6500) and an entry-level eco-friendly design (BD-C5500).

Here is the complete list of 2010 Samsung Blu-ray models complete with MSRP and release date.

  • BD-C5500 ($179.99) (March 2010)
  • BD-C6500 ($249.99) (March 2010)
  • BD-C6900 ($399.99) (March 2010)
  • BD-C7500 ($349.99) (first half of 2010)
  • BD-C800 ($499.99) (June 2010)