Samsung PN51D450 Plasma Television Review-Unusual But Worth Considering

We close out a review week with something a little unusual for you–and not surprisingly, unusual’s name is Samsung. Samsung’s often given us a lot of strange stuff, but also plenty of good quality surprises as well. This will prove to be no exception, and we’re talking about the Samsung PN51D450.

The Samsung PN51D450 is an unusually sized fifty one inch 720p plasma television with a 600 Hz refresh rate, ConnectShare Movie for easy use with thumb drives and digital cameras, two ten watt speakers with SRS TheaterSound augmentation, two HDMI ports, two component video inputs, a PC input, a USB port, two component audio inputs, a PC audio input and an Ethernet jack.

The picture is surprisingly striking, probably owing to that extra inch, and the sound quality is especially good, probably owing to the SRS augmentation on the normally lower end ten watt speakers. There are plenty of ports for today and yesterday’s needs, though not so much for tomorrow’s.

And considering that you can get one of these, complete with free shipping, from the crew out at Dell for $716.99, well, I’d say you’d be doing pretty well indeed with one of these.

A substantial plasma television that may be lower on the resolution than some is still a pretty good idea indeed. And if you’re looking for a new centerpiece to your home theater, the Samsung PN51D450 is going to be a very good place to start looking.