Samsung offers LED-backlit Panels in Premium LCD TVs

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world’s largest provider of thin-film transistor, have started providing their new LED-backlit LCD displays of (TFT-LCD) panels, in large premium-model, full-HD TVs at major U.S retailers. These new panels from Samsung facilitate a huge jump in the dynamic contrast ratio from between 5,000:1 and 25,000:1, to 100,000:1 and even 500,000:1, for the clearest images given by any other in the market today.

These HDTVs are offered in 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch and 57-inch diagonal screen sizes. The company’s new “local dimming,” light-emitting diode system delivers a intensity level of 450nits, and trim down power consumption by minimum 30 percent.

Other than this an advantage of Samsung’s “local dimming” technology is that the LED scanning procedure close off the diodes in accurate sequences, thereby eradicating any remnants of ‘image ghosting’ which was previously existing in certain LCD TVs. The company announced that this LED-backlit LCD display panels is currently offered in Samsung TVs in the U.S., and would also feature in HDTV’s produced by other manufacturers.

Via: Businesswire Press