Samsung LN32B550K1F Television Review-Serious Stones

Big swinging brass ones, folks, that’s clearly what it takes to be working at Samsung these days–because frankly, what they’ve pulled with today’s review target, the Samsung LN32B550K1F, I wouldn’t pull on people I DIDN’T like.

The Samsung LN32B550K1F is a thirty two inch 1080p LCD television that comes with Wide Color Enhancer2 technology, two ten-watt speakers, game mode, Anynet Plus capability, four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, two composite video inputs, one PC input, and one optical audio output.

This isn’t a bad tech package, and sure, the sound quality is pretty solid as is the picture quality, but for crying out loud, I don’t know where Samsung gets the sheer hubris required to charge EIGHT HUNDRED BUCKS for this thing.  It’s a thirty two inch television, for crying out loud, and they want eight hundred bucks?  I can get a decent PROJECTOR for that price and blow this thing off the map!  It’s one thing to call up the “you get what you pay for” route, but at that price I’m almost paying for TWO of these at the same time.

The Samsung LN32B550K1F may not be a bad television, but the problem is that they’re charging for something great and expecting you to not care.  These days, everyone’s watching their wallets pretty closely, and that may be the biggest blow of all.