Samsung HTWS1R/XAA Sound Bar Review-Unaccountably Good

I rag on Samsung’s performance, or lack thereof, on a fairly regular basis.  But sometimes they really get to me, and their performance in home audio has been nothing short of amazing so far.  Thus, it’s no surprise to tell you that Samsung has, once again, impressed me beyond all reason and good common sense by delivering a  fantastic entrant into the sound bar system stakes, the Samsung HTWS1R/XAA.

The Samsung HTWS1R/XAA is a 2.1 channel virtual surround sound system with wireless sound bar speaker, two hundred and sixty watts total power, both Dolby Digital and DTS audio processing systems, a wireless subwoofer, an audio input and an optical input.

It may not sound like much, at least from the tech spec perspective, but I can assure you, the sound this thing generates is unfathomably good.  It’s UNACCOUNTABLY good, in fact–listening to this thing just plain old blew my mind but the tech layout on this thing just plain old can’t account for the sheer quality of the system.  HOW is this thing this good?  I can’t explain it for the life of me, but this doesn’t distract from the fact that it’s absolutely unbelievable.  Even better, you can get one for as little as two hundred and seven bucks if you’re willing to go refurbished through Amazon.

The Samsung HTWS1R/XAA is an absolutely amazing system that will fit in most any room setting, so if you want incredible performance and maximum versatility, Samsung will, for once, deliver.