Samsung HT-BD7200 2.1 Blu-ray Home Theater

Samsung has unveiled a new 2.1 home theater system and chances are you may find this similar to the previous version, the HT-X710T. While they may have some similarities, the HT-BD7200 2.1 home theater system has added the Blu-ray technology to this latest home theater setup.

The HT-BD7200 also supports streaming Netflix online videos and Pandora music services. For materials used in manufacturing this home theater system, a “green-friendly” kelp-based subwoofer is something that can address such concerns.

Other models expected to be unveiled by the first half of the year include the Samsung HT-BD8200 (speaker bar plus wireless subwoofer) and the HT-BD1250 (standard 5.1-channel design) each varying in different types of design.

(Source) CNet