Salk Sound HT4 Speakers

Salk HT4

The Salk Sound HT4 are beautiful, modern speaker cabinets. The HT4 is offered in versionswith 10″ and 12″ Acoustic Elegance bass drivers, each with twin opposing passive radiators to cancel out vibrations. The standard enclosure is constructed from MDF, however solid bamboo as an available upgrade. The midrange is a flat diaphragm design fabricated by FAL.

The midrange driver is located in its own enclosure that has the  ability to allow the midrange to operate in sealed or open baffle configurations. The RAAL ribbon tweeter is situated in a small enclosure on top of the midrange enclosure, designed to maximize dispersion. Besides the cabinet material options, Salk also offers various crossover and other component upgrades. Prices for the HT4 start around $10,000.