SA-CD.Net Web Site Adds RSS Feeds for SACD Reviews and New Release Information

The popular SA-CD.Net web site has added RSS Feeds to its list of features effective today. The new feeds will enable Super Audio CD fans to get instant notification of new SACD releases and new mini-reviews of Super Audio CD discs contributed to SA-CD.Net by visitors to that web site.

For those of you not familiar with the www.SA-CD.Net web site, it was created by Stephen Best, an audiophile from Australia who is a big fan of classical music and Super Audio CD releases. Best is also a software developer and put this talent to use by creating a data base that contains information on all Super Audio CDs that have either been released or announced for release.

Adding RSS to the Mix
For those of you not familiar with it, RSS (which stands for Rich Syndication Service or Real Simple Syndication) is a way for web site developers and bloggers to notify you of new articles, information or content being posted to their web site.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, one needs to be using an RSS enabled web browser (like the open source and freeware Firefox browser), RSS enabled e-mail program (like Thunderbird) or an RSS reader (like Feed Reader, Feed Demon and Sage). Once such a program is installed on your computer, you simply visit the web site home page where the RSS links are posted (unusally denoted by an orange RSS or XML icon) and add these links to your RSS enabled program. From there, you’ll get links to new information added to these web sites or blogs without even visiting them first.

In the case of, I added their two new RSS links to New SACD Releases and New SACD Reviews earlier today. After adding them, I was presented with links to 26 New SACD Release pages and 43 New SACD Mini-review pages from visitors to that web site in my Firefox web browser.

A Handy Reference for SACD Listeners
If you want to keep track of new Super Audio CD releases, the SA-CD.Net web site is probably the most comprehensive resource out there today – listing over 2,700 SACD titles to date. And now with RSS, the site becomes even easier to use. If you haven’t checked out this web site, and better yet using it with RSS, I’d suggest giving it a look. I’m sure you’ll find it to be quite handy indeed!