Rotel Unveils New 15 Series Audio Components

Rotel, a home audio electronics manufacturer known for creating components worldwide, is proud to unveil its new 15 Series Stereo Audio Components. Keeping in mind the need of the users, Rotel has used new standards of excellence while introducing the two new channel components; integrated amp, CD player, stereo and power preamplifiers.

The newly launched Rotel HiFi components have been designed to provide convenience to the user. In fact, these new models have been launched to delight the listeners who seek good sound quality. These new models incorporate all the latest advanced technologies.

Rotel’s new 15 Series Stereo Audio Components include RA-1520, which is an amplifier ideal to be used as a stand-alone stereo system. Then, there is a CD Player, called RCD-1520 that utilizes a segmented power supply with a large toroidal transformer. Apart from these, there are stereo preamplifiers like RC-1580 that has been designed for the hi-fi purist terms. The new Rotel Stereo Audio Components are priced at $999.00, $999.00, $1,299.00, $699.00, $1,499.00 and $899.99 for RA-1520, RCD-1520, RC-1580, RC-1550, RB-1582 and RB-1552.