Redbox Defends Alternate Box Art Strategy

Talk about getting kicked when you’re down–first the studios won’t sell to Redbox, then they deny this is even a problem. Now there are analysts out there claiming that REDBOX is the one breaking the law with its strategy for alternate box art!

From Pali Research’s own Richard Greenfield:

“Redbox is already disadvantaged by not having access to the actual cover art, however, their replacement art is clearly designed to be similar to the original, without showing actual actor/actress faces,” Greenfield wrote. “We simply wonder whether they are allowed to go as far as they are going with replacement cover art.”

Naturally, it didn’t take Redbox long to respond.  From Redbox’s Laura Dihel:

“Artwork created by Redbox is either original or is used with permission.”

And to Greenfield, buddy, I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but I can’t imagine how “similarity” could be a problem.  If everybody sued everybody else over “similar” intellectual property we’d NEVER get out of court.  I doubt this will be much more than a speed bump–after all, it’s a third party analyst talking about it, not one of the “aggrieved parties”, the studios.