Powerline Stereo Audio System

Arkados and IOGEAR have introduced the latest Powerline Stereo Audio System. It is a high-end and multi-room home audio system, which can be connected directly to an iPod or other auditory devices to provide fantastic music.

"We are pleased to have joined forces with IOGEAR, a leading connectivity manufacturer, to provide an affordable, high-quality solution to home audio networking," said Oleg Logvinov, president and Chief Executive Officer of Arkados. "The Arkados HomePlug solution within IOGEAR’s Powerline Stereo Audio System allows consumers to install their own state-of-the-art home audio network at a significantly lower price point. We are looking forward to showcasing the system at CEDIA."

The high-quality Powerline Stereo Audio System comes with electrical lines, which enables the device to stream music to any room in the home with ease. Users will need no separate and expensive audio cable installation to create an excellent multimedia network.

Additionally, the audio system also incorporates with Arkados’ HomePlug powerline technology and Direct-to-Speaker™ software to provide the device with seamless connectivity and superb digital sound from audio basis to speaker for the system.

Via: Press