Pioneer Releases Last Batch of Kuro Plasma TVs This May

We all know that Pioneer is shutting down its Plasma TV production which was announced last February. But if you happen to see some Kuro Plasma TVs in the markets, you can be assured that this is the last batch you will see.

The company will roll out two 50-inch Kuro TVs (RP-500A and KRP-500M) and two 60-inch models (KRP-600A and KRP-600M, which is pictured above) starting April 1. But the 2,500 50-inch models and another 500 60-inch TVs will be the last Kuro products.

Pioneer says they will take care of after service in Japan until 2017 (details about other markets aren’t available at this point). After establishing the high-quality Kuro brand in September 2007, the company managed to sell 300,000 Kuro plasma TVs in Japan and 2.8 million units worldwide.

(Source) Crunchgear