Pioneer DV-757Ai PAL Progressive Upgrade Details

Pioneer have confirmed that the DV-757Ai will boast PAL progressive capabilities, as all examples produced from June onwards are manufactured with the video enhancement on-board. Pioneer’s ‘universal’ player, which supports both DVD-Audio and SACD has been widely acclaimed and is highly popular.

PAL progressive has been unofficially provided by a number of specialist retailers via non-approved upgrades, but Macrovision® has recently finalised the licensing of a progressively scanned PAL output and manufacturers have been quick to follow suit.

Pioneer’s John Bamford, told High Fidelity Review that they are “…always totally sold out, consequently there are no DV-757Ai’s in the supply chain that need modifying – except for demo samples in dealers’ demonstration rooms, that is.

So if someone has a DV-757Ai on order? “If a guy is waiting patiently for a dealer to receive his monthly delivery… well, when he gets it, it will do 625p”, John explained.

And there is even more good news, because existing owners of non-PAL progressive versions of the DV-757Ai aren’t left out in the cold, their machines can be suitably upgraded. Anyone interested should call Pioneer GB Ltd., customer relations department on 01753 789500 (9am — 5pm).

The total cost incl. carriage and VAT for the PAL progressive upgrade will be Ј89.00. “We’re sorry we can’t do it free-of-charge,” John said. “But, as you can imagine, the bulk of that Ј89.00 is carriage and insurance – collecting it from the owner’s home and returning it when the modification is done. Pioneer DV-757AiPioneer DV-757Ai