Philips SHC8525 Headphones

Philips, the well known electronics brand, has come up with its stunning featured and attractive SHC8525 headphones. These headphones apply the latest FM wireless technology by which you can enjoy your favourite movie or music whilst on the move.

You can recharge your headphones with the help of energizing docking station, when you don’t use them. Thus, you can carry them anywhere without any hassle of charging and can enjoy every time.

The Philips SHC8525 headphones come with transmitter including power on/off indicator, charging indicator, 3.5mm stereo input jack, channel switch and DC power input jack. You can use an extra number of FM wireless headphones or speakers with a solo spreader, if they run in the 864MHz band, work according to the same modulation scheme.

The customers can connect the DC power output connector of the 12Volt/ 200mA AC/DC adapter to the DC POWER INPUT JACK at the backside of the transmitter. The SHC8525 headphones come with advanced features and have no lack of stunning features.

The customers can purchase the attractive Philips SHC8525 headphones to enjoy listening to music or movie anytime even when they are travelling in bus or train with ease!