Philips MC-i250 Wireless Broadband Internet Audio System


In the market of digital sounds and optimal audio output, Philips MC-i250 has engraved its name in the mind of the music lover. Its eye-catchy Polystyrene metal finish and 180 x 244 x 227 (mm) or 7.09 x 9.61 x 8.93 (inches) body produces sound with the help of 2-way speaker system equipped with top firing wOOx membrane. MC-i250 is famous in the market for its FM wave range 87.5 – 108 MHz and AM wave range 530 – 1700 kHz which catches this wavelength by its 300 ??dipole wire for FM and Loop antenna for AM. This music-mantra is able to play all pre-recorded audio CDs, CD’s with MP3 and/or MP3PRO files (files end with .mp3) and all finalized audio CDR and audio CDRW discs. Two main screen display views –NAVIGATION and PLAY are available for customer’s convenience. All Navigation views are listed out in alphabetical or numerical order. To mention one of its contributed attribute, the MC-i250 enables customers to stream your favorite MP3 music from your PC via the home PC’s network. Other accessories attached with it like 2 speaker boxes, Remote control, Batteries (two AA size) for remote control, AC power cord, Category 5 Ethernet cable etc. will definitely count as its value addition.

Via: Philips