Philips Launches Essence TV

Philips has launched its Essence TV which was shown at the IFA earlier this year. And what a light TV the Essence is. It weighs only 16kg which would make it really portable. Not that you get to move your TV around that much. Most importantly than being portable, the Essence TV can easily be hang up any wall without the danger of making the wall collapse.

Here’s the secret of the ingenious Essence TV. This Philips TV has all its inside neatly arranged in a box while the TV gets only a power cord that also carries the audio and video signal. The box in the picture there offers three HDMI inputs, while the TV screen will get you a 2 ms response time and a 66,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The 42-inch Essence TV set will cost ?1999 so make sure Santa knows about it in advanced.

via shinyshiny