Philips FW545C CD Mini System

Philips, a world-renowned company known for producing high quality entertainment products, has come up with a new FW545C CD Mini System. Featuring 2 x 50 watts RMS Stereo, it is powerful enough to deliver 2 x 100 watts Music Power. You can choose from 26 Digital Sound Control modes in this system.

The new Philips FW545C CD Mini System features Dolby B Noise Reduction and 3-step Dynamic Bass Boost. This is a Digital Recording Ready and CD-Rewritable compatible system. It also incorporates Sound Navigation with Variable Incredible Surround.

FW545C CD Mini System from the house of Phillips comes featuring 2 timer modes and 3 display modes. It works as a compact disc player with its 40-track CD Random Program. It changes two discs while playing any one of them. This new system provides connectivity with a Karaoke mic, stereo headphone, subwoofer output and video/aux: cinch type socket.