Philips DVD Home Theatre HTS3372D Review-Compact Value

You wouldn’t think that you’d get a lot of value out of a home theatre system small enough for you to personally carry out to your car once you bought it,   Especially if you only pay a hundred and ninety eight dollars for it out the same door.  It’s the Philips DVD Home Theatre HTS3372D. and it’ll offer a package of surprising depth–and ultimately, value.

It comes with a five-speaker array, a standard DVD player that upconverts to 1080p, HDMI connectors, an iPod dock and an FM radio with forty available presets.

Now, you might think that speakers small enough to fit literally in the palm of your hand would be incapable of producing any kind of decent fidelity, but with the Philips DVD array, you’ll be surprised at the sound quality.  I definitely was–listening to an array of sounds from rainfall to explosions sounded exactly how rainfall and explosions SHOULD sound.  You may not expect audio reproductions to sound lifelike–like they do in life–but this one does.

The image on the DVD player actually DOES make your standard DVD look better.  I can’t say it’s the same as Blu-Ray, but it does look better than the ordinary.

In fact, for just over two hundred bucks (by the time you figure in the sales tax), this is a pretty decent value.  Of course, it’s not the best on the market but there’s definitely nothing wrong that I can tell with this package.  It should do everything you need a home theatre setup to do, especially if you’re heavily invested in standard definition DVD.