Phase Technology V-3.0 and Teatro PC-3.0 Sound Bars

Teatro Sound Bar

Known for its loudspeakers, Phase Technology has introduced Teatro V-3.0 and Teatro PC-3.0 sound bars. Phase Tech’s Teatro V-3.0 and Teatro PC-3.0 feature drivers to accentuate particular frequencies that widen the soundstage. There is also a front-panel switch that allows you activate the company’s EVT Enhanced Voice Technology circuitry for greater clarity during TV and movie dialogue.

According to Phase president Ken Hecht “This increases the intelligibility of the voice so it’s easier to understand the voices in a movie.” You can employ Teatro as a single-speaker solution, or the front three channels in a surround lay out. The satin black finish and black grille will add subtle elegance to any room. Dimensions are 40 x 7 x 4.5 inches. Retails for around $1,200.00