Perfect 3D Mobile Phones Images-Without Glasses by TI

We thought the humble mobile phone would escape the worldwide 3D-phenonemum that is happening all around us…we are happy that we were wrong with our assumption… was given a sneak preview by TI, whom proudly showcased their new 3D display for mobile phones.

Having an OMAP3 chipset at MWC. The display is a 120Hz LCD with an 3M film that directs the images to the left or right eye alternately (3M unveiled this technology back in November 2009).

The difference with this 3D technology is you don’t need to wear any glasses to get the desired 3D effect. Still images are awesome however playing movies aren’t the best. TI confirmed, the new OMAP4 chips will enable HD 3D movies (dual 720p) and output them via HDMI. Phones that will have two cameras will also be able to record 3D images.