Pepsi Foot Valley Commercial in 3D

Pepsi will put to good use the available technology for its advertising campaign prowess, making use of 3D technology for their latest commercial, “Pepsi Foot Valley” in 3D! This was all made possible through xyZ 3D displays, which will be rotating a large number of these ads in the Netherlands.

This 3D commercial will generate additional attention for the famous cola brand. Using the latest 3D technology, various objects literally jump out of the screen, towards the shopping audience. This remarkable effect is a first class attention driver, certainly because the 3D image is perfectly visible without the need for 3D-glasses.

This marks only one of many large scale companies expected to make use of 3D technology for business advertising and promotions. While Pepsi now counts among the many companies availing of such technology, expect the numbers to swell in the coming months for their advertising and promotional needs, 3D STYLE!

(Source) Press